President: – Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen is an active member of his community, union, and political party. He is a passionate, confident, and charismatic individual with a drive to contribute to his city, union, and the greater community. Adam has worked for the City of Kamloops in many job capacities over the past 15 years. Mr Jensen began working at the City of Kamloops as a lifeguard in 2013 and is currently a Sign Maintenance and Street Marking Technician. As the OMDC president, he will strive to educate and communicate the importance, value, and history of a fantastic organization such as the Okanagan Mainlaind District Council.  Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns.  Email:   treasurer@cupe900.ca  Cell: (250) 574-1904


Vice-President- Charlene Turnbull

I currently sit on the Executive Board for my  CUPE Local 523 as the 2nd Vice President, I Chair the Education, and Communication Committees.. I am a Education Assistant for School District 53, at Osoyoos Secondary School.  I have been a Union Activist for the past 3 years, have been attending OMDC meetings and reporting out for my local, for the past 2 years. I look forward to sitting on OMDC Executive board as Vice President and I promise to be a strong supporter for my Okanagan Members. I take my Union Positions seriously and will not let you down. Okanagan Proud & Strong!!!  Any Questions please Contact me. 250-485-7302 or email vicepresidentomdc@gmail.com


Secretary Treasurer- Jose Van Berkel

I have been involved with our union for 21 years. My favorite part is interacting with other union activist and brainstorming on ” How to make us stronger”. I love working with numbers and I’m honored that the membership elected me for the position of Secretary Treasurer for Okanagan Mainline District Council. As your Secretary Treasurer I promise to continue to maintain the Accountability , Transparency and integrity of the finances to the members of this council. This past convention I was elected 3 year trustee for CUPE BC and look forward to my new role. Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns.  Call 250-490-7787 or email – omdcsectreas@gmail.com



Recording Secretary- Nicci Cabrejos – CUPE 1123


I currently sit on my local’s executive as the recording secretary and have done so for the past 7 years. I am very proud to serve the members of the Okanagan Regional Library and take great pride in my upbringing in the Okanagan region. I have also served on the CUPE BC young workers committee for 2 terms and served as the young worker liaison to the CUPE BC Executive Board for 1 term. I have also served one term on the CUPE BC Worker’s of Colour Committee and hope to continue this important work on behalf of all racialized workers everywhere. I am proud to participate in any union activities I can, and strive to further my involvement in the labour movement in any capacity I can. I hope to make you proud as your new secretary by continuing to keep the integrity of the position and accountability to our membership.
Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns at OMDCrecordingsecretary@gmail.com
Together we are Okanagan strong!
Many thanks,
Nicole Cabrejos
OMDC Secretary
Sargent At Arms – Ken Pommier – Cupe 338

I currently sit on the executive board for my CUPE Local 338 as the fulltime, booked-off President. I have been in this role since 2017, prior to that I was a trustee for my local for 8 years. I have served as a trustee for OMBC prior to my election as Sargent at Arms. I have also served on the CUPE BC International Solidarity Committee and the CUPE BC Resolutions Committee. Being a full time President to 8 bargaining units and over 950 members lets me advocate for many diverse sectors of our labour movement. Being involved in the work of OMDC enables me to share my experiences and learn from all the delegates to OMDC. I am looking forward to serving and supporting in any way I can.

I have lived in the beautiful Okanagan since 1992 and enjoy exploring the many wonderful outdoor activities that our region has to offer. Please contact me @ pres@cupe338.ca if you have any questions or concerns.